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Dusseldorf - Rhine's Love

My journey to Deutchland 'Germany' was around 4500 miles away from family was memorable for missing my family and visiting the Altstadt, I guess that is the best way to define the memories of this tour as I did not go anywhere out during the 3 weeks tour other than the bars (only once) on the bank of Rhine river in beautiful Dusseldorf city. I was on a business trip from first week of may, it was about to last for around 6 weeks, but I could not resist myself and had to cut short the trip in 2 and half weeks as I was missing my 5 yr and 8 months old kids like anything, my wife alone was struggling to manage both of them, yes I guess managing two boys is the most difficult job at home. My experience with Lufthansa Airlines was awesome, their service was more than satisfactory, for your information, i am trying to compare this with American Airlines which is having one of the worst on-flight service. I had to fly all over the Atlantic ocean to reach this European country where you rarely find a sign board in English. But one thing for sure you will find, Indian stores, yes there are some Indian Grocery stores there and even they have Indian restaurants too despite low presence of Indian community over there.
Just google "Indian restaurants in Dusseldorf Germany" and you will get 6-7 of them listed.

On a fine , sunny Saturday morning I went to one of the Saturday market where you can have lunch from movable restaurants, surprisingly there was a stall from one of the Punjabi family, the old couple was speaking fluent German but when they saw us, they started speaking Hindi and Punjabi, we enjoyed veg thali and all upon that he served us a complimentary alloooo paratha. It was really tasty, and it tasted even better as it was prepared from 'Dil Se'.

one of my colleague was telling me that you have to practice Dumb Charades before coming to Germany. Because if you got some questions then you need to act to make them understand. You know English and then know German, so Dumb charades is the only way to make the bridge :)

So my destination was one of the modern city of united Germany called Dusseldorf.

In current age of Internet I don't need to write myself as everything is available on web pages so let me copy some of the line from one of the link - "Düsseldorf is the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is an economic centre of Germany. The city is situated on the River Rhine, and is renowned for its many events and also for its fashion and trade fairs. Every July more than 4.5 million people visit the Größte Kirmes am Rhein funfair/carnival in Düsseldorf." -- Read more at -üsseldorf.

I am going back to Dusseldorf again soon, surely this time planning to bring my family so that I can focus on work :) . Good thing about Europe is the concept of European union, where they follow the notion of "one currency and one world". You just enter one of the country and then you can cover most of the Europe, you no need to struggle in the long queues of customs at airport or borders.

Wherever there is a river in the city, that city prosperous well as in past rivers used to be way of communication, same thing is benefiting to this city. Rhine river is one of the best attraction of the city, they have a long queue of bars on river side where on any sunny day you will find rush of people, during week ends pubs in altstadt (old town- I guess) are stuffed where finding a place even to stand up is difficult, I have seen people queuing up to go inside the pub. People are crazy there for drinking and out door fun, Every bar will have a big screen where one of the soccer match is being shown and waiter without asking you will serve you the pills or alt (kind of beer).

Dusseldorf Old Town (Altstadt), considered as the longest bar of the world, containing more than 220 catering trade enterprises. This means you will never feel bored nor alone, and it's THE stop for you to experience a wonderful Dusseldorf Nightlife. The spectrum goes from the house brewery over scene shops and earthy pub to the party "up to falling down" on Bolker Straße. Narrow lanes and old churches, quaint breweries and ancient pubs, hip bars and clubs as well as good old French fries and exquisite food. The waiters are at times a bit rough, the next Alt beer comes without ordering, a hearty meal goes with a funny story, there can be a lot of hubbub and tranquility just a few steps away. In short: if you want to really get to know this city, Dusseldorf Old Town is an absolute must. And I had been there...only there. Surely going to cover more next time with family.

I will leave you with some videos from you tube -

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