Friday, January 16, 2009

I like these links -

There are two links, one for India and other for US, I am not trying to compare both of them or not trying to highlight the weakness of India or strong America here. This is just coincidence that both depict the apposite side of each other.

First one was from CNN, Obama is going to take oath at 44th president of USA and the links shows the history of inauguration ceremony. World is having hope from Mr new president and I hope he fulfills the expectation of majority of them. During his entire campaign he again n again said that he is Washington outsider and he is a symbol of change but his cabinet looks like full of old Washington folks from Hillary to Richardson (though he is out now due to some scandal). He proved that he is also another politician. as he is black people were emotionally voting for Obama otherwise Hillary would have been better president than him. still I have hope and faith in his vibrant leadership and i Hope he is able to push the America ahead as people have shown trust into him based on his speeches not experience or his work.

This link shows the picture of one of the issue we have in Indian rural areas due to illiteracy, poverty. The statistics are alarming:
- 45% of women married before they turned 18.
- 78,000 women die during childbirth every year.
- One million infants die every year, 40% of them in the first week after birth.

Read the below news for further details -

I have seen this issue around my villages and sometimes looks like girls are still living like slaves in some areas, their parents especially father just think about future of their boys , for girls they just think how she can get married and then their burden is over, so horrifying. Gradually peoples mindset is now changing so i hope we have some good news in next stats.

God bless India ...

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